A Matter of Death and Life

A Matter of Death and Life

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خرید آنلاین کتاب A Matter of Death and Life از فروشگاه الوبوک (تخفیفی ترین سایت کتاب)

A Matter of Death and Life

Internationally acclaimed psychiatrist and author Irvin Yalom devoted his career to counseling those suffering from anxiety and grief. But never had he faced the need to counsel himself until his wife, esteemed feminist author Marilyn Yalom, was diagnosed with cancer. In A Matter of Death and Life, Marilyn and Irv share how they took on profound new struggles: Marilyn to die a good death, Irv to live on without her.

In alternating accounts of their last months together and Irv's first months alone, they offer us a rare window into facing mortality and coping with the loss of one's beloved. The Yaloms had numerous blessings―a loving family, a Palo Alto home under a magnificent valley oak, a large circle of friends, avid readers around the world, and a long, fulfilling marriage―but they faced death as we all do. With the wisdom of those who have thought deeply, and the familiar warmth of teenage sweethearts who've grown up together, they investigate universal questions of intimacy, love, and grief.

Informed by two lifetimes of experience, A Matter of Death and Life is an openhearted offering to anyone seeking support, solace, and a meaningful life.

A Matter of Death and Life

یک سفر طولانی مدت توسط روانپزشک مشهور و همسر نویسنده اش پس از تشخیص نهایی وی ، زیرا آن ها در مورد چگونگی دوست داشتن و زندگی بدون پشیمانی تأمل می کنند.

با دو تجربه زندگی ، یک موضوع از مرگ و زندگی یک پیشنهاد صمیمانه برای هر کسی است که به دنبال حمایت ، آرامش و زندگی معنادار است.

خرید آنلاین کتب کمیاب زبان روانشناسی_انگیزشی (زبان انگلیسی) از الوبوک تخفیفی ترین سایت کتاب 

Irvin D. Yalom , Marilyn Yalom
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